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because this group and fandom means a lot to many of us. whetherбit was a source of happiness; a means by which u made new friends; whether they inspired or motivated you; or even if it just providedбan escape during bad times,б because the boys are probably under so much pressure right now. Hey guys, In light of the recent where GDYB expressed their sadness over the discord between fans, and just the overall wariness that has swept over this fandom, it really made me want to do something to show BB we care. theyre giving their all to this album) I feel like even a smallбspontaneousбgesture like this would really lift their spirits (and maybe even give them a bit of strength) and that would make it all worth the while. I was thinking on 3rd Dec 8pm KST, б when the MAMAs beginб Why. Not only for the boys but for VIPs to feel a sense of unity too. бas a group held in such high regards they feel that they have to deliver perfect music that will cater to it will most likely be their last album as OT5 for a very long time, as they will each start going to complete their mandatory military serviceб (probs why they keep delaying the comeback. #VIPSLOVEBIGBANG or #VIPUNTILWHENEVER (or something along those lines lol). Please,бif you agree or have similar ideas, help spread the word and we can see how it goes ^^ What do you reckon about aiming to trend worldwide a supportive message.

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